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Visitors to Dollens Elementary

We are very proud of our school and welcome your visits.  For the safety and security of students we ask that all parents and visitors sign in at the office before proceeding to the classroom.  At that time you will receive a name tag.

Sometimes visitors will be encouraged to visit the classroom at another time. During testing and other such times, visitors could be a  disruption to the educational process. A call to the school could help in determining the schedules of particular classrooms. 

Again, we welcome your visits, we simply want to make sure that the education of the students is not disrupted, and for the safety and protection of our children, we need to know  at all times who is present in our building.

Also, for the safety and security of our students, all doors, except the Main Entrance will be locked during the school day to prevent all unauthorized entries.

Student Handbook
The student handbook is included with your child’s student planner for Dollens Elementary. Please review the contents of the handbook in order to get an overview of our policies and procedures.  Please sign the back page of your child's agenda, this is the acceptable usage agreement which allow him/her to use the internet while at school. 

School Lunch/Breakfast
We will be providing lunch and breakfast for students and staff.

Grades K-5 students:
  • Breakfast $1.25  (reduced price $.30)
  • Lunch $2.50 (reduced price $.40)
  • Milk $ .50
You may pay for the week on Monday.  Please indicate the days your child will be eating. Dollens is a semi-closed campus.  All students eat at school unless a request signed by the parent has been filed with the office.  Forms are available in the office.  Please remember that students will not be permitted to go home with friends.

Student Crosswalk and Traffic Patterns
Please be very cautious whenever you enter the school grounds.  Traffic is often congested in the morning and afternoon.   

Remember to use the south lot to drop off or pick up students by private vehicle.  Please pull up as far along the sidewalk as traffic allows.  If you need to park while in the South Lot, please use the center area so that the traffic may continue to flow around the outside.

The main lot in front of the school is reserved only for buses during daily arrival and departure. Once these times have expired you may use the main lot for visitor parking.  It also has an area for those in need of handicapped parking.

Two Hour Delay Policy
The North Lawrence Community School Corporation will use a two-hour delay schedule this year.  Should weather conditions be such that the superintendent feels opening school at the regular time would be an unnecessary risk to the safety of our children, he has been empowered by the Board of School Trustees to call for a two-hour delay or to cancel school altogether.  With a two-hour delay, the daily opening of school will begin two hours later than the normal starting time.  Lunch and school dismissal, however, will occur at the normal time.

It was felt,  by the superintendent and the board, that total cancellation in some cases might be avoided and thus school could be in session.   Should weather conditions improve, the  superintendent may use his discretion to begin school two hours later than normal.  Should conditions worsen school could well be canceled for the day.   

The decision of whether or not to cancel school is a very difficult one to make.  Please keep in mind the Superintendent's concern is for the safety and well-being of our children. On days when weather conditions are not good, please listen to your radio for announcement of a cancellation or a two hour delay. The Superintendent will try to make the decision by 6:00 a.m..  Should a two hour delay occur you should listen to the radio around 8:00 a.m. to hear whether school will be in session or a decision has been made in favor of cancellation.   Information may also be obtained by calling the school Hotline at 275-1569.

Textbook Rental Fees
Below is the list of textbook rental fees for each grade:

Kindergarten - $130.00
First Grade - $127.00
Second Grade - $128.00
Third Grade - $120.00
Fourth Grade - $113.00
Fifth Grade - $114.00

Only K-5 book rental should be on your check.  Do not include OMS fees or lunch money on book rental checks.  Please include either your social security number, driver's license number, or birth date on checks.

Dollens Daily Schedule
7:55  Students enter the building

8:00  Dollens/OMS day begins
11:00-12:00  Lunch/recess
1:30-1:45 Primary recess
2:00 -2:15 Intermediate recess
3:00  Dollens dismissal
3:05  Buses depart Dollens
3:10  OMS dismissal
3:30  Teacher day ends
4:00  All building doors are locked
    • School Office

      Dollens Elementary School
      903 Hoosier Avenue
      Oolitic, IN  47451

      Phone:  812-275-3885
      Fax:  812-277-3219

      Kelli Terrell, Principal

      Mission Statement

      The Dollens Elementary School Family is committed to teaching students that learning is a lifelong adventure. It is our desire to make Dollens a safe, trusting, and happy place where students are excited about learning and they feel accepted and appreciated. We believe that learning is a team effort that includes students, parents, school staff, and the community. It is our goal to set high academic standards, and to challenge each student to reach their full potential.

      School Improvement

      North Lawrence Community Schools strive to continually improve and better prepare our students' future. All improvement plans can be viewed by visiting this page and clicking a school link.
    • School Directory

      Administrative Offices - 812-279-3521
      OLJMG Joint Services - 812-279-6651

      High School
      BNL High School - 812-279-9756
      NL Career Center - 812-279-3561

      Middle School
      Bedford Middle School - 812-279-9781
      Oolitic Middle School - 812-275-7551
      Shawswick Middle School - 812-275-6121

      Intermediate School
      Parkview Intermediate - 812-275-3301

      Elementary School
      Dollens Elementary - 812-275-3885
      Fayetteville Elementary - 812-279-2376
      Heltonville Elementary - 812-834-6632
      Lincoln Elementary - 812-275-6311
      Needmore Elementary - 812-279-2192
      Parkview Primary - 812-275-2333
      Shawswick Elementary - 812-279-3115
      Springville Elementary - 812-279-1388
      Stalker Elementary - 812-275-4821

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